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We Care: Lights, camera, and community action set the stage

A yard lit by Trimmers Holiday Decor, Inc., in Golden Gate Estates.(Photo: Courtesy of Marji Kilgus.)

Keeping the light on

Bill Kilgus is, literally, in the business of brightening people’s lives. As an owner of Trimmers Holiday Decor Inc., he only had a few ways he could help when he learned a neighbor down the street had lost their job. So he went over and lit their yard in lights: red, white and blue. The thought behind the patriotic colors, Kilgus said, is to help people feel united and let others know everyone is in this together. And, as it turns out, that house was just the first.

“We said, ‘You know what? I’m going to see if some other people want it done,’” Kilgus said. Now there are at least nine homes on his street in the Golden Gate Estates that are lit in lights from Trimmers Holiday Decor — all free of charge. That’s more than 1,000 sets of lights at 50 lights each on one street alone. To hear Kilgus tell it, neighbors and passersby have loved the unexpected shimmer.

“It makes us feel good that we made them feel good,” he said. “Because this is not a good time. We’re kind of fortunate that we’re doing well throughout this, but a lot of other people aren’t doing well.”

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